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As the leader in electric mobility solutions, EWheels designs, manufactures and distributes several models with a variety of use-cases in mind. From recreational to everyday transportation, our high-performance EWheels products utilize patented technology to ensure that every ride is enjoyable and reliable. And, our cost effective approach to manufacturing and distribution allows us to keep pricing for these premium scooters and bikes within reach.

Unrivaled Value

Regardless of the price point, EWheels products offer unrivaled value to the user and the dealer. Thanks to high-quality design and premium yet cost-effective manufacturing, every EWheels product performs with consistent reliability.

Powered by Patented Technology

The unique electric systems used to power EWheels products are protected by U.S. and international patents. The essential backbone for EWheels scooters and bikes, the internal drive systems offer efficient, environmentally-friendly and high-performance mobility for recreation, sport or transportation.

Built to Last

All EWheels products, from our electric scooters to our bikes, are built by highly-skilled technicians using the highest-quality components — which means our products are built to last. Even while manufacturing more than a million EWheels products every year, our expert teams don’t miss a beat when it comes to quality.

Industry-Best Performance

Simply put, EWheels scooters and electric bikes are the cream of the crop thanks to their superior acceleration, exceptional torque and responsive handling. We’ve designed our EWheels products to outperform the competition, right out of the box.

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