Dealership Requirements:  As a normal course of business E-Wheels™ requires a dealer to meet the following criteria: 1) A dealer must have a storefront operation. 2) A dealer must maintain a regular retail store hours. 3) A dealer must stock E-Wheels™ inventory. 4) Internet website 5) a dealer must provide mechanical and warranty service for the E-Wheels™ products they sell.


Territories or Exclusives: E-Wheels™ does offer protected territories, territorial exclusives or products exclusives to retailers.


Pricing Policy: E-Wheels™ sets a MSRP (Manufacturer’s suggested retail price) and “MAP” (Minimum advertised price) for all current E-Wheels™ products. The specific price for each item can be found on the most recent price list.  Please note that dealers who do not adhere to our strict MAP Policy will be banned from selling our EWheels Products.


Mail Order & Internet Sales:  All E-Wheels™, sales, resale, pricing and customer service policies apply to all mail order and internet sales. All auction site sales of E-Wheels™ products are required to carry a minimum bid no less than E-Wheels™ minimum advertised price (“MAP”). It is the reasonability of the selling retailer to provide service to consumers that they directly ship product. It is also the responsibility of the selling retailer to ensure that the product is tuned and properly adjusted and that packaging is enhanced in order to properly protect the product during shipping. Any damage that occurs in transit will not be eligible under E-Wheels™ warranty.


Payment Terms: Standard terms are a credit card or cash in advance. Open account terms may be applied after initial order placement. Only upon approval, open account terms (See open account Net-30 day credit terms) may be established. Credit application processing will take at least 30 days and applicants will be notified in writing of credit decision.


Shipping & Freight Policy: Unless otherwise offered as part of a dealership program or promotional offer, all shipping charges will be added to your invoice. We use a common carrier for most multi-unit shipments and UPS for small quantities or parts wherever possible.


Claims: Items damaged in transit (during shipping) or lost good are the sole responsibility of the carrier. Title of merchandise passes to the customer upon delivery to shipping company or the common carrier. Claims for damage must be filed with the carrier upon delivery.


Warranty: E-Wheels™ provide a warranty for all products sold by E-Wheels™. See the written product warranty contained in a product’s owner manual or in written dealer material for the written warranty. Contact the E-Wheels™ sales dept. for additional details or information.


Retailer Warranty Obligations:  A retailer that sells any E-Wheels™ products, in any sales venue, shall be directly responsible for providing customer service and warranty support. E-Wheels™ RESERVES THE SOLE RIGHT TO TERMINATE ANY DEALER THAT SELLS E-Wheels™ BICYCLES, SCOOTERS, MOPEDS AND MOBILITY SCOOTERS.


Returns: We cannot accept any returned goods without prior approval and a valid authorization number. Please call E-Wheels™ dealer service for an RGA number before shipping. There will be a 20% restocking charge on any items returned that were not shipped in error. Freight for returned products must be prepaid by the dealer.

Open Account – Net 30 day credit terms: Once established (see payment terms), it is specifically understood that in consideration of any sale of merchandise by 

E-Wheels™  that the agrees to the following:


The Dealer unqualifiedly, individually, jointly and severally, guarantees to E-Wheels™, to its successors, and/or assignees, the prompt payment in legal tender of the United States of America for the purchase price of all merchandise that has heretofore been, and/or that heretofore may be sold, by written or legal agreement, to The Dealer, in accordance with E-Wheels™, standard terms or such special terms as may be agreed to in writing and displayed on sales invoices. The Dealer further aggress to pay any and all court costs, attorney’s fees, and/or any additional sums which might be incurred by or on behalf of E-Wheels™, its successors and/or assignees, in the event that such expenses should become necessary in the collection of any monies which may become delinquent. The Dealer further agrees to pay a finance charge on any and all sums that may become delinquent. It shall be understood that this finance charge will be in the amount of the maximum legal limit in accordance with the laws of the governing state, but no event will it exceed the amount of two percent (2.0%) per month. E-Wheels™ shall have the right at its sole discretion for any reason and at any time, without prior notice to the Dealer, to discontinue the extension of credit terms. This agreement is also a personal continuing obligation and guarantee from the Dealer and shall remain in force and effect until revoked by E-Wheels™, its successors, and/or assignees by written notice. STANDARD TERMS: Cash, Credit Card, Company Check on credit approval or Net 30 days from the date 

Of invoice with approved credit. 


By Checking the box on form from the previous page I declare that I have read, understand and agree to all the E-Wheels™ Terms and Conditions. I further declare that all statements and responses contained herein are accurate and true and I authorize E-Wheels™ to check business and banking references. 

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