Customer Service

We Repair EWheels Scooters

Flat Fee of $149 per visit.

*up to the first 100 miles. Cost of parts not included.

How it works:

  1. After submitting the request form, one of our EWheels schedulers will contact you within 1 business day to discuss your repair needs.
  2. A EWheels scheduler will prepare a quote and collect your payment information. You will be charged prior to EWheels service tech being dispatched to your home. EWheels service tech will either determine diagnostic repairs needed or will repair scooter.
  3. Within 48 hours, the EWheels Field Tech will contact you to schedule a specific appointment time.

*Service may not be available in some remote or rural areas. Additional mileage fees will be assessed beyond 100 miles from our service location. Currently service is only available in the continental U.S.

Contact our Customer Service Center

Download Manuals

PDFEW-550-manualPDFEW-54-manualPDFEW-200-manualPDFEW-280-manualPDFEW-500-AssemblyPDFEW-620-manualPDFEW-624-manualPDFEW-700-manualPDFEW-1000-manualPDFEW-1100-manualPDFEW-1200-manualPDFEW-500 and EW-600 manualPDFEW-600-manualPDFEW-36 and EW-66 manual PDFEW-400-manual PDFEW-450-manualPDFEW-475-manualPDFEW-650-manualPDFEW-1400 and EW-1500 assemblyPDFEW-88-manualPDFEW800-EW850-manualPDFEW38-manualPDFEW-27-manualPDFEW-36-manualPDFEW-72-manualPDFEW-01-speedy-manualPDFEW-29-manualPDFEW-66-manualPDFEW-18-manualPDFEW-02-manualPDFEW-09-manualPDFEW-08-manual



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